CalcEngine Plus

User-authored calculations for .NET

CalcEngine Plus for .NET

CalcEngine Plus for .NET

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CalcEngine Plus enables you to build configurable analytics applications for your customers. Your users create calculated expressions in your UI; you wire up their variable names to their existing data stores or application entities. CalcEngine Plus does the parsing and evaluation.

Whether you are building the next Excel, an in-house application or a modelling tool, your grateful users will enjoy the simple, readable expression syntax with familiar variable names from their business domain.

As an elite developer, you will appreciate the streamlined speed of the back-end data requests. Meanwhile, your users will be creating named sub-expressions and configuring maintenance-free calculations on hierarchical data structures.

Give yourself a professional edge as a .NET software house or individual developer. Build your products on the powerful and flexible CalcEngine Plus, and your customers will build your business. Download a trial now.

Named variables from existing data stores and systems

Build powerful analytic expressions on top of familiar named elements from existing systems. Learn more.


Create and re-use named sub-expressions. The expression structures are exposed for dependency tracing and visualisation. Learn more.

Custom Functions

Want to distinguish your software with the ultimate in power and simplicity? Give your users custom functions that are perfectly-tailored to their problem domain

Hierarchy support

Automatically aggregate child elements, even as users edit hierarchies in your UI. Learn more.

User-authored 'WHERE' clauses

Tabular UIs are also supported - allow your users to filter data with user-authored WHERE clauses


Recurse through the list of dependent expressions. Use this information to draw trees, and build hierarchies to represent the logic your users have built

De-risk your projects and write less code

Don't be a statistic. A home-brew calculation engine is a recipe for a missed schedules, maintenance nightmares and damage to your reputation as a software professional. Learn more.


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