CalcEngine Plus

User-authored calculations for .NET

Referencing in Visual Studio

For those who are new to Visual Studio, here is a quick tutorial on adding a reference to CalcEngine Plus to a new Visual Studio project:


Create a new Visual Studio project. 



For simplicity, we'll choose a Console application:


Right-clicking on the project, add a new folder - let's call it 'dll' 

Next, we copy the CalcEngine Plus dll into this location from wherever it finished up when you downloaded it:

Right-click on the 'dll' folder, select Add | Existing Item and go to where you've stored the CalcEngine.dll.

There's a potential gotcha here: Make sure that the "All Files" file is selected in the dialog, otherwise the CalcEngine.dll won't show up!


At last, you can right click on your References folder, choose "Add Reference...", and browse to your dll folder and the CalcEngine.dll you just added:


And that's it - you've created a new project and added a reference to the CalcEngine dll so you can try out the rest of the examples in this section.